Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kronos Stones

This is one of my favorite pieces!! These are Kronos Stones. They are made of bouncy rubber. Too cool. I guess so that if they were thrown around they would not break. I have one that is almost a full piece. The top of it is broken off. I do not know the exact ep of this one but the Kronos stones like this were used in Hercules Season 3 episode "The End of the Beginning". The smaller pieces I believe were also used in this ep but for a particular part. Hercules and Autoclyus are fighting over the stone and it gets tossed into the road where a horse and cart run over it thus breaking it apart. I would imagine this is why they used rubber so that it did not hurt the horse when it stepped on it. There is also another Hercules ep in season 6 "Love, Amazon Style" where the Kronos stone is used by Deimos but again Hercules steps in and stops him. What a guy!! :)