Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hercules Set Used Script/Shooting Draft

Very Cool Item!!! This is a set used script/shooting draft that is from Hercules Season 2 episode "Let The Games Begin". I love this epsiode because Atalanta is in this one and I think she is an Awesome Character!!! I wish she was in more of the Hercules episodes. But I actually watched this episode and read along with it and it is funny but Kevin certainly Ad-libbed A LOT!!! All the other characters followed their lines to a T but not Kevin. I heard of this when I watched an after wrap party they had when Hercules ended so this just proves that fact. LOL Too Funny!!

Gabrielle Quill

Here is a most Treasured piece of mine. This was another gift given to me by my Very Good Friend Kim!! This is a Gabby Quill but I have yet to find it in an episode. I know I will and as soon as I do I will post the screen grab. It is a beautiful item made of a Pheasant's Feather with a decorative ribbon around the end of the feather and the base/writing tip looks to be some kind of metal. Maybe brass. Very well made and quite a collector's item. It goes very nicely in the Gabrielle section of my Treasure Room. Many Many Hugs of Love to you Kim!!! :-) I still haven't found Gabby using this Quill but I did find someone else using it in Hercules Season 2 ep "Once A Hero". Archivus played by Tim Raby uses it throughout the episode jotting down in his book what is happening during the quest to get the Golden Fleece back. This is a great episode and I'm glad I found it in this one. :)

Friend In Need Japan Banner

Here is an Awesome set piece. My Very Good Friend Kim gave me this as a gift and I am forever grateful for it as I will treasure it Always!!! It is a Japanese Banner that was used in the series Finale shows of Xena...episodes "Friend In Need" part 1 & 2. It is made of silky cloth material and has a beautiful design of some sort of Demon Face on it. It is about 6 feet in length and the colors are an olive green, gold and black. It has velcro ends so that they could attach it to sticks as you can see in the screen grabs I have with it. Many thanks again Kim for this Wonderful Gift!!! I can't thank you enough!!! Love and Many Hugs!!! :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

King Con Cards

Here is a Fabulous item. These are the cards that were used in Xena Season 3 episode "King Con". Me and my fellow Propaholic Buddy Morgan were able to acquire these and we split the deck between us but we also shared some with our other good friend Barbie. You can see their cards on each of their sites which I have a link to their blog sites on my main page. These cards are also believed to be a "One-Off" item as we were told this which made us very happy. One-Offs are an item that the prop masters only made one of which makes them Very Rare because most of the time they usually made a back-up just in case of an accident. The cards are printed on very thick cardboard type material. Each suit has a different picture on them consisting of a Black Sythe, a Red Fig Branch, a Black Sword and a Red Hand and are numbered in Roman Numerals except the Royal cards.

I have Rafe's card that he shows in the beginning of the episode where he bets his partner on how many times he can pull this card out of the deck. I also have 2 cards from Titus's hand that he looses to Xena at the end of the episode and then I have a general assortment of the rest of the deck. Xena's winning hand was not in the deck and we believe that they may have been taken while they were on set or that one of the prop masters kept them as a souvenir which is a real bummer cause that would have been Great to have them in our collections. Maybe someday we will. We can always hope right!!! :-)


X /Xena Dinar

This is the second Dinar I was able to acquire from a Very Good Friend. It is made of Resin that has a shiny gold painted on it. This is what is considered the Xena Dinar/Coin. It has a Woman on one side and the letter X on the other. I know Dinars were used in both Xena and Hercules episodes so I am sure these were used in more than one. I have only been able to spot the Woman side of this Dinar which is in Xena Season 3 episode "King Con" being given to Rafe after he won a bet from his partner. I have no doubt that I will find the X side being used somewhere soon and when I do then I will of course post it ASAP!!! I Love Prop Hunting!!!! :-)


Horse Head/Roman Nobleman Dinar

I have always wanted to have some of the Dinars that were used on the show and now I do. Through a very good friend I was able to get 2 that are simply fantastic. This one has a Horse Head on one side and the other side is a Roman with an Olive Branch around his head. It is a resin coin that is painted with a shiny gold coating and is about the size of a 1/2 dollar real coin. Truly amazing work went into these and I know these are used through out the Xena and Hercules episodes. One side which is the Horse Head side is being used by My Bruce/Autolycus in Xena Season 3 episode "Vanishing Act" and the other side I spotted in Xena Season 3 episode "King Con" which is the Roman Nobelman Face side and is used in a huge pile of Dinars that Xena and Titus are playing for which you can see each of these in the screen caps I have provided. These are soooo Awesome!!!