Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friend In Need Japan Banner #2

Here is another Japan Banner from FIN that was given to me as a gift from my Very Good Friend Kim!! Love Ya Darlin!!! This banner I spotted being used near the horse stables as you can see from the screen grab. I have a pretty big collection from the FIN episode so check it out!!! :)

Bag and Dinars

This is an Awesome prop!!! The bag was used by Xena/Lucy throughout the whole Xena Season 1 ep "A Fistful Of Dinars". This bag did not hold the Sumerian coin that Xena pulls out in the beginning of the ep but it did have a TON OF dinars in it. Probably this bag was used in another ep or they needed to get rid of some extra coins and just put them in the bag!! The bag is all leather (except for inside the bag which has a paisley fabric attached) with jeweled designs on the outside of the bag and on the rope ends. As you can see from the pics and screen grabs I put up. This was a great find when I spotted it in this ep and Xena/Lucy was holding it. Renee/Gab holds it for a bit too as you can see in the ep. Weeee that makes me so happy!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kronos Stones

This is one of my favorite pieces!! These are Kronos Stones. They are made of bouncy rubber. Too cool. I guess so that if they were thrown around they would not break. I have one that is almost a full piece. The top of it is broken off. I do not know the exact ep of this one but the Kronos stones like this were used in Hercules Season 3 episode "The End of the Beginning". The smaller pieces I believe were also used in this ep but for a particular part. Hercules and Autoclyus are fighting over the stone and it gets tossed into the road where a horse and cart run over it thus breaking it apart. I would imagine this is why they used rubber so that it did not hurt the horse when it stepped on it. There is also another Hercules ep in season 6 "Love, Amazon Style" where the Kronos stone is used by Deimos but again Hercules steps in and stops him. What a guy!! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gabrielle Bowl used in The King Of Assassins

Here is a really cool item. This bowl was used by Gabrielle in Xena Season 3 episode "The King of Assassins" when she is in the dungeon jail. Joxer and Gabby are released by the Egyptian Captian Guard but Joxer pushes Gabby back into the cell and locks her back in to protect her as he goes to find Jet his evil brother who was hired to assassinate Cleopatra. Gabby tries to think like Xena and picks up this bowl to use as a Chakram to try and break through the bars but it bounces back and hits her right in the middle of her forehead knocking her unconscious. This is one of my favorite episodes and one of the best parts of it is this scene. I am REALLY glad I have this piece in my collection as it is a Great Treasure which I got it for a Steal. Amazing!!!! It is made of hard but very soft foam so when it hit her in the head it definitely wouldn't have hurt and it is in all different colors shades of brown mixed throughout the inside and outside of the bowl. Wonderful!!! :-)

Jewels From A Treasure...

Here is some incredible pieces of Set Dressing items that were given to me as a gift from my Awesome Propaholic Buddy Morgan. Out of the kindness of her heart she shared these with me and Barbie!!! You ROCK!!! I am hoping to spot these being used or should I say...Stolen by My Bruce/Autolycus in one of the many episodes where Treasure was seen so let's hope I find his Greedy little hands ALL OVER THEM!!! Many Thanks and Tons of Hugs to you Morgan for this Wonderful gift of Jewels!!! SWEE-TA!!!! I was also able to find a very cute little treasure box for them which compliments them so well!!! :-)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Set Used Spoon

Here is a beautiful piece of silverware that was used on the Xena and Hercules series. It looks to be Brass as it is a goldish color with a cherry wood handle. I haven't found it in an episode yet but when I do I'll let you know!!! :-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hercules Set Used Script/Shooting Draft

Very Cool Item!!! This is a set used script/shooting draft that is from Hercules Season 2 episode "Let The Games Begin". I love this epsiode because Atalanta is in this one and I think she is an Awesome Character!!! I wish she was in more of the Hercules episodes. But I actually watched this episode and read along with it and it is funny but Kevin certainly Ad-libbed A LOT!!! All the other characters followed their lines to a T but not Kevin. I heard of this when I watched an after wrap party they had when Hercules ended so this just proves that fact. LOL Too Funny!!