Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bag and Dinars

This is an Awesome prop!!! The bag was used by Xena/Lucy throughout the whole Xena Season 1 ep "A Fistful Of Dinars". This bag did not hold the Sumerian coin that Xena pulls out in the beginning of the ep but it did have a TON OF dinars in it. Probably this bag was used in another ep or they needed to get rid of some extra coins and just put them in the bag!! The bag is all leather (except for inside the bag which has a paisley fabric attached) with jeweled designs on the outside of the bag and on the rope ends. As you can see from the pics and screen grabs I put up. This was a great find when I spotted it in this ep and Xena/Lucy was holding it. Renee/Gab holds it for a bit too as you can see in the ep. Weeee that makes me so happy!!

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