Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gabrielle Bowl used in The King Of Assassins

Here is a really cool item. This bowl was used by Gabrielle in Xena Season 3 episode "The King of Assassins" when she is in the dungeon jail. Joxer and Gabby are released by the Egyptian Captian Guard but Joxer pushes Gabby back into the cell and locks her back in to protect her as he goes to find Jet his evil brother who was hired to assassinate Cleopatra. Gabby tries to think like Xena and picks up this bowl to use as a Chakram to try and break through the bars but it bounces back and hits her right in the middle of her forehead knocking her unconscious. This is one of my favorite episodes and one of the best parts of it is this scene. I am REALLY glad I have this piece in my collection as it is a Great Treasure which I got it for a Steal. Amazing!!!! It is made of hard but very soft foam so when it hit her in the head it definitely wouldn't have hurt and it is in all different colors shades of brown mixed throughout the inside and outside of the bowl. Wonderful!!! :-)

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